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At Top Paw K9 Academy we are happy to offer a variety of Board & Train programs. These programs can be anywhere from 2 weeks, to several months in length. Every dog's stay is catered to their individual needs and learning style to ensure they learn the most from their stay with us. 

Please Note:

We always welcome out of state and out of country Board & Train clients! In fact, majority of our clients come from out of state and are welcomed with open arms. If you are from outside of Denver, Colorado and would like to travel to have your dog participate in our programs simply let us know you are from out of state and we can provide additional information on the process for you.

Additional information can be found here.


Length of Stay: 3 weeks

Price: $3,200.00*

Length of Stay: 3 weeks

Price: $2,900.00*

Length of Stay: 4 weeks (minimum)

Price: $1,200.00 per week

Length of Stay: Minimum 4 weeks

Price: Starts at $3,200.00

Length of Stay: 2 weeks

Price: $2,200.00*

Length of Stay: 4 weeks

Price: $4,700.00*

Length of Stay: Varies

Price: $6,200.00*

* - Please note that prices vary. Each price listed above is a starting point. Clients should be aware that their program may be subject to additional fees dependent on the behavioral needs of their dog(s). Leash Reactivity is an automatic $600.00 fee for most programs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Looking for some specific information on our Board & Train programs? Try reading our FAQs to see if that answers your questions.

How many training sessions will my dog get per day?

Your dog will receive anywhere from 7 to 14 short training sessions per day. While this may seem extensive, they are not extremely long sessions. This allows your dog to learn at their pace without overdoing it with too intense training. Your dog will also have potty breaks, nap time, and playtime to break up those training sessions.

Will my dog be left alone in the facility over night?

Yes, your dog will sleep in their crate through the night inside our facility. However, we do have staff members who come to the facility twice per night for wellness checks on every dog to ensure they are happy, safe, warm, and comfortable.

Will this change my dog's personality and make them a "robot"?

Will you use a prong and/or E-Collar on my dog?

No, we make sure that we instil proper behaviors, manners, and skills, but still keep their fun, goofy, happy, and unique personalities in tact!

This greatly depends on the dog and their individual behavioural and training needs. We do everything in our power to avoid the use of prong and e-collars whenever possible, and only utilize those tools as a last resort when all other options have been exhausted. In addition, when signing up for a Board & Train program, owners sign a contract stating whether they do or do not give permission for the use of those tools. If the owners permits use, we will contact you prior to using them to confirm again. If the owner does not permit their use, we simply will not use them.


What Our Clients Say

Alexi, M & Zeus

"We brought our dog to Jen for her combine and save boarding program and we couldn’t be happier! Our dog was a mess outside of our home and very reactive. He was very timid going into the program and Jen was so patient and took her time getting him to trust her. He is now able to live the life he deserves and go anywhere with us without reacting. We can’t thank Jen enough for being so patient and kind with our sweet baby. Without a doubt will definitely be coming back for training with our other dog and future dogs!"
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