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Pawfect Puppy Camp


Starting at $3,200.00

Length of Stay

3 Weeks

Payment Plans

We are happy to now offer our clients the ability to pay through custom payment plans. Please contact us for more information.

5% discount available for cash payments.

**Invoice must be paid in full at drop off to receive discount**

Anyone who has had a puppy can attest that, though they may be cute, they are mighty! Puppy nipping, chewing on furniture, attacking their leash on walks, and potty accidents are all part of the territory.

The Pawfect Puppy Camp, (formerly known as Puppy Bootcamp), is designed to help with all of those behaviors and concerns! This package also helps your puppy build his or her confidence and helps them get used to socialization.


This is a 3 week Board & Train program, specific details can be seen below.

Two puppies sit nicely on a blue metal pallet cart in Home Depot. They are both focussed and looking at the camera.


What is included?

  • Sit & Sit-Stay

  • Down & Down-Stay

  • Kennel Command

  • Leash Skills

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Place Command (Outdoor)

  • Public Manners

  • Off Leash Recall

  • Crate Training

  • No Nipping

  • No Jumping

  • Socialization

  • Custom Program

  • Environmental Desensitization

    • Exposing the dog to a variety of environmental stimuli in order to build their confidence and reduce potential fear or reactivity.

Additional Information

Training Reassurance

3 free (onsite) sessions will be available to clients within 30 days after training is complete as laid out in the Board & Train contract.


All of the following must be completed prior to attending any Board & Train program with Top Paw K9 Academy:

  • Puppy must be under one year of age in order to attend this program

  • Dog must have proof of at ALL 3 rounds of Parvo vaccines 

  • Dog must have proof of flea & tick prevention within 30 days of attending the program

  • All attendees are required to provide a health clearance performed by an accredited veterinarian within 30 days of attending the program

  • A form must be filled out to determine your dogs specific needs prior to them being accepted into the program

Additional Fees

In the event your dog is known or found to have Leash Reactivity there will be an automatic additional $600.00 fee (per dog) added onto the cost of the Board & Train program.

In the event your dog(s) is known or found to have behavior issues that were not previously disclosed prior to drop off, you may be asked to collect your dog(s) within 24 hours AND an automatic additional $900.00 fee (per dog) will be added onto the cost of your selected program. 

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