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  • How do I know what program is best for my dog?
    If you are unsure of what package would be best for your dog, your first question is if you are local to Colorado. If you live in the area, feel free to check out our Board & Train packages! For those friends who are not local, we suggest you check out our Virtual Training Sessions. As your dog’s owner, you know them the best. Unfortunately, we are not able to help you determine your dogs training needs unless we fully understand their individual situation. In the event you need a consultation, one can be booked and held over Google Meets. ​Consultations are 30 minutes long with a charge of $60.00 (USD).
  • Is The FUNdamentals or Ahead of the Pack program best for my dog?
    What we typically suggest is that owners first look at the FUNdamentals and ask themselves if your dog can do everything from that program consistently. If they can, that's great! They can move on to the Ahead of the Pack Program. If not, the FUNdamentals, Pawfect Puppy Camp, or the Master Program would be the best place to start.
  • How will my dog be transported for off-site training?
    Jennifer uses Gunner Kennels when transporting any dog. These kennels are 5-star crash tested, double-walled for additional impact protection. Gunner kennels have been tested and proven to withstand more than 4,000 lbs. of force. For more information on Gunner Kennels, more information can be found at
  • Does Pawfect Puppy Camp teach potty training?
    The simple answer is no, potty training is not a main focus of the Puppy Bootcamp program. ​ However, due to the way the program is run, all dog's days run on a specific schedule which sets them up for success by encouraging them to use the bathroom during their outside visits. ​ By keeping the dogs on a specific schedule, the naturally pick up on potty training. It will be up to the owner to reinforce this schedule and keep setting their dog up for success once they return home.
  • What happens after a Board & Train program?
    A lot of clients ask what their dog will be like after returning from a Board & Train program. Will they still be the same? Your dog’s personality will remain the same, the only difference will be that they have had more boundaries and set rules to follow. We find many of these questions are beautifully summed up in the article linked below. How to be Successful After a Board & Train Owners will also receive a customized program to take home and follow with their dog to maintain their training. If any specific training tools are used with your dog (i.e., slip lead, prong collar, e-collar), you will be provided with specific information on how to use these tools safely, appropriately, and effectively.
  • How are the Board & Train programs run?
    Board & Train programs are 2 - 3 weeks in length with the exception of the Behavioral Concerns program. Dogs stay with Jennifer for the full 3 weeks (including weekends). For owners who are local to northern Colorado or staying in the area, you will be invited for 2 in-person sessions to work with Jennifer and your dog while they are in training. Dogs are kept in kennels over night, if for any reason you think your dog may be anxious in the kennel or act like Houdini (and try to escape), please let us know so we can properly accommodate your dog's needs. Owners will also be given updates throughout their dog's stay with Jennifer.
  • What supplies should I bring for my dog's Board & Train?
    We ask that owners bring the following items with their dog to the Board & Train program at the date of drop off: - Food - Scooper for food - Bed - Bowls - Favorite toys - High value treats - Bully sticks (7) - Something that smells like the owner More information can be found in our drop off packet that we send to clients who have already enrolled.
  • What paperwork do I need for my dog to attend their Board & Train program?
    We ask that owners either email us copies in advance or bring copies at of drop off. The required documents are as follows: - Proof of all vaccinations - Health clearance completed by an accredited veterinarian - Signed Board & Train contract - Proof of use of flea & tick prevention (within 30 days of attending the program) ​ If your dog is on any prescribed medications or a prescribed diet, those items must be provided by the owner in partnership with the veterinarian, in a labelled container with instructions for dosage and administration. An in-depth requirement list is provided within our Board & Train contract.
  • Health and Wellness of my Dog
    Upon drop off, Jennifer and the dog’s owner will go through an initial intake wellness check. This involves going over the dog’s body to ensure that he or she is in good physical condition. Both the trainer and owner will be required to sign and initial the document. If at any time your dog shows any signs of being unwell your pup will immediately be removed from training and the trainer will your dog to the Veterinary clinic closest to Top Paw K9 Academy (PETS Emergency Hospital, located in Evans, CO). We hold a consistent working relationship with this veterinary practice and this will ensure that your dog will always have access to appropriate healthcare.
  • What are your Board & Train prices?
    Our prices can be found within the tables below:
  • What types of payments do you accept?
    We currently accept cash payments as well as payments through Venmo, Zelle, and Square Pay. Please keep in mind that payments through Square Pay will have a card fee automatically added by the application. We do not control these fees.
  • What are your payment procedures?
    In order to accept payment, we do require that clients fill out a contract prior to paying. This may be a deposit contract, virtual training contract, or board & train contract. For our Board & Train programs we do require that clients provide a non-refundable $200.00 deposit to hold their desired attendance dates. We then ask that the client provide half of their remaining balance 24-hours prior to drop off, and the final remainder 24-hours before pickup.
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