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In-Person Training

General Information

Consultation and Training Program

Starting at $250.00

Follow-Up Meetings

$250.00 - $1,150.00

We have completely updated all of our in-person training programs to make them as helpful and beneficial as possible for our clients and their dogs.

We offer multiple add-ons to our programs to ensure that our clients receive the experience they desire and the amount of assistance that they feel necessary while working with us.

The In-Person Training program does NOT offer payment plans at this time.


We host all In-Person sessions within a 30 mile radius of Denver, Colorado. In Person sessions are open to anyone outside that service radius who are willing to travel to Denver, Colorado as we will not travel farther than 30 miles. 

Jennifer and 3 other people with their dogs all stand in a line while telling their dogs to sit and rewarding them.

Program Steps


Onboarding Package


  • (Step 1) Preliminary Information

  • (Step 2) Custom Program

  • (Step 3) Follow-Through (Access to Jennifer)

  • (Step 4) THREE (3) Follow-Up (In-Person Sessions)


$600.00 USD

The Victory Packet


  • (Step 1) Preliminary Information

  • (Step 2) Custom Program

  • (Step 3) Follow-Through (Access to Jennifer)

  • (Step 4) FIVE (5) Follow-Up (In-Person Sessions)


$900.00 USD

Additional Programs


  • (Step 2) Custom Program

  • (Step 3) Follow-Through (Access to Jennifer)


$380.00 USD

1 / Preliminary Information

In order to prepare every clients custom program, we will collect basic information regarding your dogs temperament, behaviors, and any concerns, goals, or considerations to be aware of. This may be done through a virtual questionnaire, an in-person consultation or both.

During this part of the process you will also be asked to sign a contract stating you understand how the program works.

2 / Customized Program

After completing the first step a fully customized program via email. These programs will include 14-days worth of activities and exercises that you will do on a daily basis with your pup. A perk of the program is that you will have unlimited access to Jennifer via text during business hours (8:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday), for the 14-day duration.

3 / Follow-Through

For the duration of a clients 14-day program, they will be required to send at least 1 of themselves performing each of the activities included in the program to Jennifer. Each exercise must be recorded and sent to Jennifer via text on a daily basis. This works as an accountability measure and also allows Jennifer to assess the progress being made and offer any changes or suggestions.

4 / Follow-Up (In-Person Sessions)

Clients will have the option of taking part in an in-person session with Jennifer during or at the end of their custom 14-day program. This session can be used to review any questions you may have about the program or activities, or can be used for feedback and determining next steps at the end of your program. 

In the event the client purchased our Onboarding Program and did not require a consultation, that session will be carried over and available to use at the end of their program.


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