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Behavior Modificatoin


$1,200.00 per week

Length of Stay

Minimum 4 weeks

Payment Plans

This package is specifically for those who are concerned about specific behaviors their dog is exhibiting.

This is a 4 week long (minimum) Board & Train program for dogs displaying mild behaviors.

For more information please see the chart below.

We are happy to now offer our clients the ability to pay through custom payment plans. Please contact us for more information.

5% discount available for cash payments.

**Invoice must be paid in full at drop off to receive discount**

Jennifer is in a white t-shirt with a Gus, a large dog in a muzzle with her arms wrapped around her. She has a big smile on her face while hugging Gus back.


For dogs displaying mild behaviors such as:

  • Leash Reactivity

  • Dog Aggression

  • Human Aggression

  • Custom Program


    • If your dog has a bite history, simply let us know and accommodations can be made.

Reviews from Behavior Modification Clients

Diane H. & Gus

I cannot recommend Jen enough! I haven't met someone more passionate, patient, or dedicated to the well being of dogs more than Jen.  My dog Gus had a bad encounter with an off-leash dog as a puppy and unfortunately at about 6-8 months old started becoming really reactive to any dogs, bikes, people, and cars that were in sight, even really far away.  Because of his breed and size (and our quality of life) I knew I had to get it under control asap.  He always had anxiety, but his new behavior was on a level where I couldn't take him outside or interact with people and dogs that he didn't already know.  I had tried a couple trainers who didn't have much experience with his breed, and they really weren't much help as it seemed like they mostly worked with puppies and obedience.  Then I found Jen through some of her training videos, and luckily she happened to live in my state.  I wrote to her with my hardships, and her wonderful assistant Katie wrote back immediately saying Jen could help.  We got him into her behavioral modification course a couple months later, where he stayed with her for about 4 weeks. She kept me updated on her progress with him and I just couldn't believe it.  She got him to eat treats from her and focus on her within the first week- this is something that I was never able to do due to his extreme focus on triggers.  Once she was able to reward him for his good choices, she began her training.  She would send me videos of him doing things I never thought he could do- her videos showed a comfortable dog making his own choices versus reacting chaotically to everything.  She was able to walk him past dogs, past bikes, people, and cars.  While Gus will never be "perfect", he' such a different dog than he used to be and now has a strong foundation I can continue to build off of using the training she gave me.  We still work with Jen and I am so grateful to have found her a year ago.  
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