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Raise N' Train

Big changes are coming!

We are happy to announce that Top Paw K9 Academy has officially branched out to create our sister company, Rocky Mountain K9 Rehab & Rehome. This company will be dedicated specifically to taking in dogs, helping rehab them, and finding them good, loving, consistent, dedicated new homes. It will focus on both our Raise N' Train program as well as our New Beginnings program. For additional information please visit the website below.

Until the website it fully up and running, information on the Raise N' Train program can be found below.

Raise N' Train


Starting at $4,600.00

Length of Stay

4 Weeks

Payment Plans

We are happy to now offer our clients the ability to pay through custom payment plans. Please contact us for more information.

5% discount available for cash payments.

**Invoice must be paid in full at drop off to receive discount**

Anyone who has had a puppy can attest that, though they may be cute, they are mighty! Puppy nipping, chewing on furniture, attacking their leash on walks, and potty accidents are all part of the territory.

Our Raise N' Train program builds off the basics found in the The Pawfect Puppy Camp, (formerly known as Puppy Bootcamp), but includes some added bonuses like free touch up training for a year, assisting in finding a reputable breeder and more!


This is a 4 week Board & Train program, specific details can be seen below.

Any available puppies can be found below! If that section is empty please check back for updates as we receive more program attendees.

Jennifer is standing smiling at the camera, wearing all black and holding two Belgian Malinois puppies.


What is included?

  • Sit & Sit-Stay

  • Down & Down-Stay

  • Kennel Command

  • Leash Skills

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Place Command (Outdoor)

  • Public Manners

  • Off Leash Recall

  • Crate Training

  • No Nipping

  • No Jumping

  • Socialization

  • Custom Program

  • Environmental Desensitization

    • Exposing the dog to a variety of environmental stimuli in order to build their confidence and reduce potential fear or reactivity.

How Does The Program Work

Puppy Selection

Either pick and purchase your puppy from our list of available trainees below, or contact us for help finding a puppy of a specific breed from a reputable breeder. If you choose to have us help you acquire a puppy from a breeder we will arranging transport from the breeder to our facility so the puppy can come right into our training program.

A minimum of $4,000.00 payment will be due at the time of transport.


Your new puppy will be automatically enrolled in our Pawfect Puppy Camp where they will learn all of the basics required for a well rounded and socialized pup. Specifics of the training can be found below. 

If the client has specific items they would like to request that their dog be taught, this can be added onto the program at an additional time requirement and out of pocket cost.  

Additional Fees

In the event you request additional skills be taught to your dog there will be be additional fees that apply. Anything that is not covered in the Programming section below, will be an additional cost.

Our Available Puppies


Any available puppies can be found below along with their age, breed, and any other important information. For additional questions please contact us directly via email, and provide the specific name of the puppy in your inquiry. Alternatively, if you would like help selecting a puppy from a reputable breeder to bring into our program please feel free to contact us so we can help line that up for you.

There are currently NO puppies available, please check back for updates.

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