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A photo of a girl with her hands on her dogs face staring into each other eyes. This is the base of the Top Paw K9 Academy logo.


Top Paw K9 Academy was founded by Jennifer and is located in Denver, Colorado.  Jennifer has dedicated her life's work to training and helping dogs and their owners better their bond. Top Paw K9 Academy runs on a unique philosophy, recognizing that training dogs is not a one size fits all approach. Every dog is met with caring encouragement and respect to ensure that both owner and dog are confident in their abilities as a team.


To help each dog reach their full potential by identifying individual needs, using positive reinforcement, balanced training methods, and establishing a level of understanding between owner and K9.


Jennifer uses a variety of methods within her training programs. Dogs, like people, are all individuals. What works for one dog, may not work for another. Knowing this, Jennifer uses a tailored approach to her training to ensure that all dogs are learning in a way that will benefit them for life.


Every training technique used or suggested by Jennifer is backed by research and experience. Every training session is approached with kindness, patience, and understanding. All training is done in a non-judgmental and non-rushed environment.


Passion. Dedication. Expertise.

At Top Paw K9 Academy we ensure that every member of our team aligns with our values and mission as a business. With a staff full of canine loving professionals we are ready and eager to help assist you in training your dog to be the best it can be.


Owner & Head Trainer

Jennifer began dog training in 2019 and has dedicated her life's work to establish Top Paw K9 Academy.


With her years of experience she has worked with a wide variety of breeds and behaviors and holds a certification in pet psychology. She is a highly sought after trainer who ensures the comfort of both her client and their dog in all training situations. 

Jennifer is sitting on the grass hugging her brown and black dog Dexter who is wearing a green collar and sitting on the right side of the photo.


Manager & Head Trainer

After starting out as an administrative assistant, Koz has moved up and become an invaluable member of the Top Paw K9 Academy team. She is now a head trainer as well as a manager, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the facility and the training of client's dogs.

Woman standing smiling with her female Belgian Malinios.
A woman sitting on a stool in a black outfit and red boots with her German Shepherd sitting to the left of her both looking at the camera.


Owner of Crystal's Grooming

I'm Crystal! I'm a Colorado native, nature and dog lover! I've always had a passion to work with animals even as a child (dogs especially) and I'm proud to say I've been happily and successfully grooming for over 11 years! I have a German shepherd who LOVES to hike with me, named Minerva. I also have two cats named Akasha and Reeses whom I adore! When it comes to my work, it's my goal to make your pet happy and healthy. I specialize in all breeds of all sizes, but i absolutely love working with "difficult, misunderstood, or aggressive" breeds. These dogs just need the right patience, love and understanding!

Tatiana is sitting on cement steps wearing black pants and a white button up t-shirt. She has dark hair and is smiling looking into the camera.


Dog Trainer

Hello! My name is Tatiana Dunlap (Tee) and I am so excited to introduce myself to you all. Not only am I excited to work with all the dogs, I am ready to educate dog parents and help make them feel empowered and confident. I understand that building trust is the foundation of successful training. Trust between the parents and trust between the dogs. I wanted to embark on this new journey, because Jen and top paw changed my life and my dog’s life for the better. I have learned Consistency is key, and I am ready to help guide those in need of assistance with their dogs. I cannot wait to work with you all, and I am proud to call myself a dog trainer at top paw k9! 



Administrative Assistant & Customer Service

Katie is the behind the scenes assistance of Top Paw K9 Academy. She worked as a member of the team for almost 2 years before taking a break and has since returned to the team. She is in charge of making and maintaining the website, answering inquiry emails, and creating digital forms along with many other jobs.

If you have emailed us, you have likely interacted with her!

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