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Putting all dog's safety, comfort, and cleanliness first.

Jennifer is wearing black gloves and using a blue sponge to scrub the walls of a black metal kennel.
The kennel room in the Top Paw K9 Academy facility.
Jennifer leaning into and thoroughly cleaning a metal dog kennel.

Now Located at: 3280 N. Downing Street. Suite A. Denver, CO. 80205, at Top Paw K9 Academy, we treat your best friends like family. That's why they will be staying in 4 foot, thickly grated kennels, with a bed and water that is never restricted. The flooring of the kennels are thick grates making it comfortable for your dog's paws and body while also keeping them clean in case of an accident. The kennel room also has fans constantly running to ensure everyone is comfortable and stink-free while keeping the temperature no lower than 65 degrees, and no higher than 70 degrees.

Perks of the Programs

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