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Meet Rumba

Rumba is a 4 year old Belgian Malinois that was being kept by a backyard breeder and was then let go only to live life as a stray. She was then taken in by Big Bones Canine Rescue who helped her make the journey from California to Colorado. 

Rumba will be taking part in the The Master Program. She will be ready for her new home in August 10th (roughly).

For more information please read Rumba's full story.

General Information

General Information


Belgian Malinois

Birthday & Age

4 Years 

(Exact Birthday Unknown)

Adoption Fee

$1,500.00 USD

(Including a non-refundable $500.00 deposit)

My Story

My Story

"Meet Rumba! She's a 4 year old Belgian Malinois who was originally owned by an unethical backyard breeder in California. When the breeder decided they no longer wanted her, they simply and sadly just released her and she lived out her days as a stray. She was later transported from California to Colorado to be kept in Big Bones Canine Rescue in Windsor, CO. She has been at the rescue for a few months, has had a litter of puppies, and while all of the pups got adopted, she however did not and is still searching for her furever home.

She is extremely sweet, loving, and wants to work while also pleasing her handler. She is kennel trained, house trained, and neutral around other dogs and even cats. She is staying with us at Top Paw K9 Academy to complete our Master Program for a few months.

For the time being we are giving her time to decompress and get used to her surroundings but she is handling everything very well for a mama dog that has been a stray and in a shelter for most of her life. She truly is a gem. "

The Plan

The Plan

Sweet Rumba will be taking part in our Master Program to build on her willingness to learn and eagerness to please. Updates on Rumba's progress can be found below.

Rumba should be ready to go to his forever home by August 10th, 2023. (If she needs additional time for training, she will be kept longer.)



June 7, 2023

Rumba has officially come into the care and ownership of Top Paw K9 Academy. While we have not yet started formal training, we are focusing on allowing her to decompress, get used to her new surroundings, build bonds with our staff, and establish a routine so we can less her anxiety and stress.


June 8, 2023

Rumba, the adorable rescue dog, had the delightful treat of a refreshing bath! With gentle care and plenty of reassurance, Rumba has walked out squeaky clean, refreshed, and happy with her coat regaining its natural luster. Her spirits have soared as she embraced her spa day. We cannot wait to continue our work with sweet girl Rumba.


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