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New Beginnings

Big changes are coming!

We are happy to announce that Top Paw K9 Academy has officially branched out to create our sister company, Rocky Mountain K9 Rehab & Rehome. This company will be dedicated specifically to taking in dogs, helping rehab them, and finding them good, loving, consistent, dedicated new homes. It will focus on both our Raise N' Train program as well as our New Beginnings program. For additional information please visit the website below.

Until the website it fully up and running, information on the New Beginnings program can be found below.

New Beginnings



Length of Stay


Payment Plans

We do not offer payment plans for the New Beginnings program at this time.

The New Beginnings program functions to help dogs who are being rehomed. Oftentimes dogs with behavioral concerns are rehomed. Owners may not always have the means necessary to deal with those concerns whether they are mental/emotional, financial, or physical means.

When an owner realizes they are unable to give their dog the life they deserve they will often make the difficult choice to rehome them. This is where we come in and offer extensive training for those behavioral concerns to reduce the potential of the rehoming cycle repeating itself.

How Does The Program Work

Dog or Puppy Selection

Top Paw K9 Academy has a working relationship with various shelters and receives messages from concerned pet parents looking to rehome their dog in the best, and safest way possible. In both of these situations, an agreement is signed and the ownership of the dog is transferred to Top Paw K9 Academy. We then work to rehabilitate the dog (for those with behavioral concerns), and provide extensive training before rehoming the dog to their new fur-ever family.

If you see a dog or puppy you think would be a good fit for you (and your family), please feel free to fill out an application! If your application is chosen, you will be asked to take part in an interview and provide a background check to ensure these dogs are going to the best homes possible.


Adoption fees vary depending on the length of the dogs stay and training they have gone through. Individual fees will be listed on each dogs bio.


The training each dog receives will depend on their individual needs and behavioral concerns at the time of surrender. Those with more extensive concerns will go through behavioral modification prior to taking part in their formal training program. Specifics of the training can be found on the Board & Train Programs page.

Additional Fees

In the event you are chosen as the adoptive parent and request additional skills be taught to your dog there will be be additional fees that apply. Anything that is not covered in the Programming section within their bio, will be an additional cost.

Available Dogs


Any available dogs can be found below along with their age, breed, and any other important information. For additional questions please visit their bio pages first before contacting us. Alternatively, if you would like help selecting a puppy from a reputable breeder to bring into one of our programs please feel free to visit the Raise N' Train page.

All available dogs can be found below.

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