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Jennifer is wearing a black hoodie with her hair in a bun. She is holding Dani, a small Belgian Malinois puppy in her arms and is smiling at the camera.

Featured Review

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Featured Review

Featured Review

I have been following Jennifer on social media for almost 2 years now & I have to say I absolutely love her work and what she stands by! The moment I saw she had a Belgian Malinois available (which has always been my dream dog) and was going to be training her as well I did not waste any time and had to message Jennifer! It was the perfect situation & I've never felt more confident in buying a dog! I knew Dani (the Belgian Malinois) was going to be in great hands with Jennifer and I had so much trust and confidence! Once Jennifer gave me the green light and allowed me to be Dani's new owner I was SO EXCITED! I was getting a trained Belgian Malinois by Jennifer!

Which is why I was willing to drive from Long Beach, CA to Greeley, CO! Jennifer took great care of Dani, she treated her as her own, she would actively send me videos, photos, and updates on her growth and accomplishments. I definitely had so much insight on what Dani was learning, how she was learning & also Dani's personality. Which made the entire process super comforting and stress free! Jennifer created such a solid foundation for not only Dani, but myself too! I have so much confidence in Dani and our relationship!

After the drive back home to Cali from Colorado I went straight into bonding with Dani. A move that drastically can really effect a dog, however Dani's transition has been a breeze! It feels amazing having a pup who understands communication & boundaries at such a young age. I am very grateful to have came across Jennifer, because of her, I now have my dream dog who has the basic fundamentals of obedience. Both Dani and I live stress free from each other because of Jennifer. She was patient and very knowledgeable raiding Dani into basic obedience.

Every dog is different, what works for one may not work for the other and Jennifer is absolutely passionate about the work she does! She has the knowledge, patience, love & charisma to raise and train other peoples dogs.

I've had two dogs before and never had the proper tools to create a solid foundation or relationship with either of them. Which can be very stressful! I've had Dani for just 4 days and being able to bond with her stress free is absolutely amazing. I could not thank Jennifer enough! I will visit Colorado again for further training by Jennifer and any other opportunities that may benefit Dani. I just believe Jennifer is the best of the best!

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