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Service Dog Task Options

The list below outlines samples of tasks that can be taught to your Service Dog throughout their stay. Tasks may assist owners with mobility difficulties, health concerns, and more. For additional tasks, please discuss with us prior to drop off.

Kota, a black service dog in training wears a pink camoflauge vest while laying across Jennifers legs as she sits on the ground.

Task Examples

  • Bracing

  • Picking up dropped objects

  • Pushing buttons

  • Retrieving specific objects/items

  • Alerting

  • Forward momentum (in wheelchair)

  • Forward momentum (while walking)

  • Carrying items

  • Turning lights on or off

  • Opening and closing doors (with pull strap)

  • Opening and closing cabinets (with pull strap)

  • Crowd control (circling)

  • Go find help

  • Crying interruption/response

  • Anxiety or panic attack interruption

  • Interruption of scratching or picking behaviors

  • Grounding

Please Note:
This list is not all encompassing. If there is a specific task you would like taught to your service dog, please discuss it with the Top Paw K9 Academy team prior to drop off.

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