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Meet Shiraz

Shiraz, formerly known as "Lala," is a sweet, energetic, playful German Shepherd girl. She is extremely intelligent and loves playing with puzzles. 

Shiraz is coming to Top Paw K9 Academy for some additional training and to find a family who can keep up with her physical and mental stimulation needs. Shiraz will be taking part in the Master Program. She will be ready for his new home in September (roughly).

For more information please read Shiraz's full story!

I head home with my new owners on September 1st!

General Information

General Information


German Shepherd (Embark results coming soon)

Birthday & Age


1 Year

Adoption Fee

$2,000.00 USD

(Including a non-refundable $500.00 deposit)

My Story

My Story

"Meet Shiraz (formerly known as Malala, or "Lala,"). She is a 14 month old German Shepherd (with Embark DNA results coming soon). Shiraz needed to be rehomed due to the owners realizing that she needed more mental and physical stimulation than they can currently provide. She is a sweet, energetic, and playful girl who loves to play with her toys, other dogs, and loves a good morning cuddle. She is very intelligent and enjoys playing games and using her dog puzzles. Due to her intelligence she is in need of more attention and training. She was loved very dearly by her previous family and they know and trust that Jennifer will be able to provide this for her and find her a good loving home.

Shiraz will be taking part in The Master Program during her (roughly) 4 month stay. Shiraz is spayed and up to date on all of her vaccinations. She does have a chipped canine tooth which happened prior to her coming into the care of Top Paw K9 Academy, but that will be addressed by the veterinary staff at her first appointment.

She will come with her bed, toys, 1 bag of dog food, 1 bag of her favorite treats, collar, leash, training packet (to maintain training upon entering her new home), 7 virtual sessions (if out of state) or 6 months of free in-person sessions if the new owners are local (maximum of 2 sessions per week), vet records, ownership paperwork, and Embark DNA test results.

The Plan

The Plan

Due to Shiraz's high level of intelligence and how easily she learns new things, she will be taking part in an extensive version of our Master Program.

Shiraz will be ready to go to her new home in September.



May 30, 2023

Shiraz has officially come into the care and ownership of Top Paw K9 Academy. While we have not yet started formal training, we are focusing on allowing her to decompress, get used to her new surroundings, build bonds with our staff, and establish a routine so we can less her anxiety and stress.


June 21, 2023

Shiraz officially knows her new name, is learning recall extremely fast, and is absolutely crushing her heel! She is incredibly smart and has the most fun and loving personality. We cannot wait to see how much more she accomplishes in the future!

June 28, 2023

Miss Shiraz is absolutely crushing the Master Program and is super fun to work with. She's so smart making her a fast learner and she just wants to make her handler happy!



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