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Meet Knox

Knox has a history of aggression towards other dogs. Due to this he must go to a home where he is the only dog present and must be placed with a family willing and able to maintain the training he is receiving through Top Paw K9 Academy.

Knox will be taking part in the The Behavioral Modification Program and the Master Program. He will be ready for his new home in November or December (roughly).

For more information please read Knox's full story.

General Information

General Information



Birthday & Age

3.5 Years

Adoption Fee



My Story

My Story

Meet Knox! He was facing behavioral euthanasia but came to Top Paw K9 Academy instead to be a part of our New Beginnings program. Knox has tried to kill his previous owner's neighbor's dog and has had issues with other dogs. We, of course, will work on it, but that being said it is extremely important that Knox goes to a single dog home and that he has a family that will be ready, willing, and able to put in consistent and constant work to maintain his training for the rest of his life. This means his reactivity on the leash towards other dogs will be helped, but he has an immense prey drive and that will not change... it can however be managed with structure and biological fulfillment.

Knox will not be ready until November or December approximately. Although Knox does have his issues with other dogs, he loves people. He has the kindest, most loving soul and personality. He wants to play, rough house, cuddle, and rest his head on your shoulder while you hug him. He's awesome with strangers and people he knows, amazing with kids, and is learning some great obedience. He's intelligent, wants to work, and loves to please his handler.

We have had Knox in our care for a few months but refrained from posting updates because we wanted to ensure that the New Beginnings program was the right route for him.

The Plan

The Plan

Due to Knox's dog aggression, he will first take part in our Behavior Modification program. Once successfully completing that program he will take in our Master program. Updates on Buddha's progress can be found below.

Knox should be ready to go to his forever home by November or December 2023. (If he needs additional time for training, he will be kept longer.)



July 28, 2023

We are happy to announce that Knox has officially joined our New Beginnings program. While we have had him with us for several months we have been taking the time necessarily to get to know him and his personality so we can best work to achieve all the goals we have for him.



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