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Meet Buddha

Buddha is a 2 year old French Bulldog and Boston Terrier mix who made the journey from Rolla, Missouri to Colorado when his family brought him home. 

Buddha baby has been experiencing some dog aggression and will take part in the Behavior Modification program as well as The Master Program. He will be ready for his new home in September (roughly).

For more information please read Buddha's full story.

General Information

General Information


French Bulldog, Boston Terrier Mix

Birthday & Age


2 Years

Adoption Fee



My Story

My Story

"Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, rockin' everywhere! (To the tune of Ms. New Booty). Buddha was born 9/27/2020 in Rolla, Missouri and is a French Bulldog, Boston Terrier mix. He made a 12 hour road trip to Colorado to be loved on by his then 3, now 5 human siblings and 1 dog sibling. He LOVES attention and to be loved on. Buddha is VERY hyper and loves cardboard boxes and balls. He gets over excited and jumps up on people, rude! We have an older pit/lab mix and they have a love-hate relationship. While, for the most part, they have gotten along. Just recently, Buddha has gotten a little rough. One incident in particular left my older dog with a rip to the vet and some stitches. He has been getting better with her, however; he's started to show a lot of aggression towards other dogs. We have had company over with their pets as well as going to other peoples houses in an attempt to socialize him. All these attempts have been met with growling, lunging, and biting towards the other dogs (who usually just want to play). 


Recently, he got out of his fenced yard and aggressively went after a leashed neighborhood dog (no injuries were sustained). He needs to be worked with and deserves a FURever home. He has a great personality and has been great with kids. Jennifer has given us a wonderful opportunity for Buddha to take part in the New Beginnings Program with Top Paw K9 Academy. He will go through training and will come out on the other side in a safe and loving home. It's bittersweet as he has been loved by our family for nearly three years. However, we would not be able to afford such wonderful training and it gives him the opportunity to live up to his potential and be a well mannered, obedient dog to his new loving home."

- Written with love from his surrendering family. 

The Plan

The Plan

Due to Buddha's dog aggression, he will first take part in our Behavior Modification program. Once successfully completing that program he will take in our FUNdamentals program. Updates on Buddha's progress can be found below.

Buddha should be ready to go to his forever home by September 2023. (If he needs additional time for training, he will be kept longer.)



May 30, 2023

Buddha has officially come into the care and ownership of Top Paw K9 Academy. While we have not yet started formal training, we are focusing on allowing him to decompress, get used to his new surroundings, build bonds with our staff, and establish a routine so we can less his anxiety and stress.


June 8, 2023

Great news! Buddha underwent a successful procedure today and has been neutered. This important step not only promotes his long-term health but also contributes to a more positive and balanced behavior. With the surgery behind us, we can look forward to continued progress in Buddha's training journey, knowing that we have taken a significant step towards his overall well-being.

July 28, 2023

Buddha has graduated to off leash privileges along with running with the family pack. He has overcome so much - severe dog reactivity, wanting to kill any animal smaller than him, had leash skills, and no recall.

Buddha has come such a long way! He is still available for adoption and will be ready to go to his new home October 1st.



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